Kalgan, another web framework for Rust

Hi everyone!

I've just released a web framework called Kalgan.

Last version is already available in crates.io and GitHub.

Find below some of the highlights:

  • Configuration parameters based on yaml files: data / settings parameters, routes and translation messages are written on yaml files. These files can be updated without rebuilding the app, which reduces development time.
  • Decoupled routing system: Routes are not hard-coded in the source code but encapsulated in a different component (very similar to Symfony's).
  • Tera as template engine (very similar Django's)
  • i18n: Kalgan comes with a translation system which integrates with Tera.
  • And many more services: Cookies & sessions management, SQLx integration, cache system, SMTP mailer, security tools, error handling...

Of course, any opinion or advice will be appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Why would you roll your own http parsing? That's how you get a serious vulnerability.


For learning purposes basically (it was something I always wanted to do). :slight_smile:

But you're right. I remember checking httparse time ago. What crate would you recommend?

I generally recommend the use of hyper for web frameworks.


Thanks for being part of the community. It’s encouraging to see people who want to dig into important areas of interest. There is nothing so uninteresting that it is not worth knowing. HTTP is both incredibly interesting and worth knowing so you made a good choice.

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