🤖 just – a command runner for all your projects (written in rust, naturally!)

I wrote command runner in rust:


It provides (I hope!) a clean and simple format for storing commands in a file and running them later. The syntax is inspired by make but is much simpler and less error prone, and it produces descriptive error messages if you mess something up. I shamelessly copied the error message format from rustc, so it should be familiar.

You can also write recipes in any scripting language you like, although who knows if this is a good idea or not!

The readme contains more information and documentation.

I hope you find it useful! Bugs, feature requests, and PRs welcome!


PS The major feature that it is lacking is windows support, since it calls sh to run commands. It would be relatively easy to pass commands to cmd.exe instead, but I don't have a way of testing on windows at the moment, which makes me hesitant to try to support it.

If anyone can point me towards a project which has automated testing of a rust project on a windows vm set up I would be most grateful.