Junior developer wanting to speedrun my way to a job where I can write Rust

I've already made this post on r/rust but due to the reddit API situation I think is a better idea to post it here.

Well, I've done this post in another sub but basically I hate 90% of the jobs that I can access rn. I'd like to get a job where I can work with rust as fast as possible. I've read some books about the language and I love it. Although my education only lasted 2 years I've been programming for around 8 years, between stuff that I had to do in a degree that I left and massive personal projects. Do you have any advice? Ty in advance

For the record I currently live in Spain but idc moving somewhere else, also I have english as my second language.

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Follow this thread in Reddit for companies hiring Rust developers: Reddit - Dive into anything.

Good luck.

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Ty <3

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