Jobs at Matter Labs: rust, blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs

At Matter Labs we are scaling blockchain with zero-knowledge proofs. O(n) transactions at O(1) cost. If that sounds like “hell yeah!” to you, it’s a match.

We take the values of freedom, privacy and decentralisation seriously. Our mission is to make the mass adoption of crypto happen faster.

We have a small focused team. No bureaucracy, no time tracking, no-nonsense meetings. Only results matter. You decide from where and when to work. We’ll provide you with anything you need to learn, grow and be more productive.

You’ll be working closely together with the Ethereum Foundation and some of the coolest innovators in the crypto space, including the world’s top cryptographers.

We assume you love math, rust, algorithms and data structures. We don’t expect you to love Solidity and js, but we have to deal with them anyway.

There are open positions for both senior and junior candidates fluent in rust. If you are junior, we expect you to demonstrate a proof of competence — winning hackathons, olympiads in math/informatics, or a great hobby project will work.

Shoot us your CV with a brief cover letter to