JOB: Rust developer with blockchain experience

Aeternity is looking for fully autonomous software hackers proficient in Rust or Erlang.

We are a distributed team, we work remotely and our software is completely open source.

You should be able to explain how Bitcoin works and how it's different from Ethereum. Ideally, you should have further experience with decentralized crypto technologies (IPFS, torrents) or other cryptocurrencies. You should also have a Github account with a significant body of public source code.

We are in a rush to deliver cutting-edge blockchain software so you should be able to hit the ground running and start contributing. No on-the-job training is provided!

Please contact Joel Reymont at for more information.

Principals only. No recruiters, agencies or third parties.

To be honest, requiring extensive open source contributions and unwillingness (or ability) to provide training are both pretty big red flags.

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Please post this to as well.

Regarding open source contributions: Manishearth has replied to that over at reddit.

So i'll just explain why I think the no training clause is problematic. There are two possibilities:
The best case: You don't want to do it. But every job or project of significant complexity has a ramp up time (also, a shared set of values, internal guidelines etc.), so having no onboarding process at all is highly inefficient and points to suboptimal management.
The worst case: You cannot do it. Everyone that knows how the stuff works is gone and you need people to pick up the pieces. I've been in that situation and it's no fun.