Iteratively add to MeshBuilder

Hi, I'm not sure exactly how to phrase this question, so I'll try my best.

I have a MeshBuilder from the ggez crate and I'm trying to use a for-loop to consecutively add random rectangles to it.


let mut rng = rand::thread_rng(); 
let mut mesh_builder = graphics::MeshBuilder::new();

let (size_x, size_y) = graphics::drawable_size(ctx);

for _ in 0..100 {
    //Create a rectangle somewhere inside the screen
    let new_rect = graphics::Rect::new(
        rng.gen_range(0.0, size_x - 100.0), //x pos
        rng.gen_range(0.0, size_y - 100.0), //y pos
        100.0, //width
        100.0 //height
    //add rectangle to mesh_builder
    mesh_builder = mesh_builder.rectangle(graphics::DrawMode::fill(), new_rect, graphics::WHITE);

let mesh =;

The error is on this line:

mesh_builder = mesh_builder.rectangle(graphics::DrawMode::fill(), new_rect, graphics::WHITE);

"expected struct MeshBuilder, found &mut MeshBuilder"

So, I tried dereferencing it:

mesh_builder = *mesh_builder.rectangle(graphics::DrawMode::fill(), new_rect, graphics::WHITE);

And here it says that it can't dereference since MeshBuilder doesn't implement the Copy trait. Side question if anyone's willing to answer it: Why do I need to copy a value just to change it? Can Rust really not just add a rectangle to the MeshBuilder buffer?

Any help fixing this would be seriously appreciated. Thank you!

The method signature is

pub fn rectangle(&mut self, /* ... */) -> &mut Self

So that you can do things like


It's just passing back the mutable reference it got. There's no reason to keep it around (to save the return value) unless you started with just a &mut MeshBuilder and needed to hold on to it so you could do more.

In this case, you have the MeshBuilder (not just a &mut MeshBuilder borrow), and you're trying to assign the &mut MeshBuilder return to your MeshBuilder variable -- hence the error.

Just do

mesh_builder.rectangle(graphics::DrawMode::fill(), new_rect, graphics::WHITE);

and don't assign over mesh_builder.

Man, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you!

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