Iter<Bool> -> Bool // "any" function

I have the following:

T: some type
v: Vec<T>
f: &T -> bool
x = v.iter().map(|x| f(x)).????;

So at this point, ???? is looking at an Iter<bool>

Is there a way to get an "any" over this -- where we return true if any of the returned bools is true; otherwise return false.

v.iter().any(|x| f(x))


And with eta-reduction:


which is neat (only) when f is aptly named:

fn contains_None<T> (elems: &'_ [Option<T>])
  -> bool

If you need to access the value having lead to the predicate returning true, you can use .position() to get the index of the value, or .find() to get the desired value directly.

  • Note: when iterating over a str chars, you should use
    .find_map(|(i, c)| if predicate(c) { Some(i) } else { None })
    rather than
    if intending to use the obtained number to index the str.

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