It looks like Rust 1.26.1 was released


It’s not really a big deal, it’s just that the language used in the title “it looks like” comes across as if the Rust team releases it, and at some point someone here at the forum notices. :slight_smile:
Contrast this to there actually being a “push” like notification from the rust release team to the forum.

Yup, that would make more sense, but I didn’t see such a notification (or did I miss it?) …

Well technically there is This Week in Rust (TWiR) but not everyone is subscribed to that.
I’d say it’s probably a very good thing there are multiple communication channels.

I mean to post announcements to this forum, but I haven’t quite gotten good at it yet, and in this case, 1.26.1 was released when I was unavailable anyway, so I couldn’t do it.

Make sure you all upgrade to 1.26.2 next week if you’re on 1.26(.1) to pick up this soundness fix: