Issues with Trait


Hi Folks

I am having an issue with traits. Here is some code:

pub struct Foo <'a>{
    foo: &'a str
pub trait Bar {
    fn baz() -> Something;

impl <'a> Bar for Foo <'a> {
    fn baz() -> Something {
   // some legit code here

(I have encapsulated some code, so kindly ignore any syntax or formatting issues)

But i get the error:

error[E0599]: no method named baz found for type Foo<'_> in the current scope

Any ideas?


If Bar is another module, you need use another_module::Bar to make it applicable.

Rust allows multiple traits with the same method to be implemented on the same type. It avoids potential ambiguity by requiring explicit use of traits.


Thanks. Yeah I am aware of that.