Issues downloading Tauri CLI

So I'm trying to install Tauri and I want to install the CLI using cargo install. The crate is here but when I run cargo install tauri-cli, I get this:

Updating index
error: could not find `tauri-cli` in registry `crates-io` with version `*`

Clearly the crate exists in the registry right? So why can't cargo find it?
(I updated Rust to 1.60)

I get the same error. It seems to me the issue is with the version number, because if I do

cargo +nightly install tauri-cli --version "1.0.0-rc.8"

then installation starts correctly (I didn't wait for it to finish because it is huge).

(I only needed +nightly because I'm on a pre-edition-2021 Rust toolchain, but with 1.60, it should work with the stable toolchain as well.)

There aren't any non-yanked, non-rc (release candidate) versions of tauri-cli, so when cargo install tries to find a version matching the version requirement *, it can't find any. Specifying the "1.0.0-rc.8" version number exactly as @H2CO3 did works, because you're explicitly opting in to using a release candidate.


Is there a wildcard for release candidates then, like *rc* or something? I thought "*" would match literally anything

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No. The only wildcard allowed is a full * wildcard, which doesn't match prereleases. The only way is to write a requirement containing a prerelease of that specific version, e.g., "^1.0.0-rc.8" or even something like ">=1.0.0-0, <2".

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