Issue for derives for arrays greater than size 32?

I was happy to hear about the limitations on array lengths being gone and I tried to derive Default on a struct of length 64, but that still doesn't work. I tried looking on the issue tracker for an issue for it but the closest thing I found was this. I don't have a strong enough understanding of what the author is trying to do to be sure if this is trying to approach it from before the limitation was lifted? Is there a different tracking issue somewhere for this? Default was the first thing I tried but I assume it applies to all the other built-in derives.

To my knowledge, Default is the only trait not implemented for array of arbitrary size

Default is special, because we already have impl<T> Default for [T; 0] without the T: Default constraint. Rewrite it in const generics requires the const generics specialization, which is far from the stable yet.


@Hyeonu ah, that makes sense thanks

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