Is this a good place to ask for small code reviews?

Hi guys, I'm doing my first steps in Rust and read tons of literature: the Rust Book, The Rust Embedded, different forums, etc. and try to implement different things, but I don't know anyone who knows Rust in real life and sometimes have difficult time in selecting an approach how to do things the proper way. For example yesterday it took me full day to get to know that it's better to define groups of memory-mapped registers as a struct. So my question is is this board a good place to submit small code samples and ask for review if I do it right or maybe there's some place where I could seek assistance with that?
Thanks in advance.

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Sure, ask away. There's usually someone willing to help out.

Some quick tips just in case you're unfamiliar with these forums:

  • You can post code here using three backticks
    code goes here
  • You can also use the Rust Playground to run and share small pieces of code.