Is there some ready-to-use rust-intro presentation?

In my university's department, a lot of my colleagues are curious about the Rust language. Now for our weekly meeting, I was considering doing a small intro into the Rust language, in the form of a (20 - 30 minute) presentation.

This has surely been done before by lots of Rust folk, so I was wondering:
Does there exist some general slide deck that is free to use, which I'd be able to base the presentation on?


"Considering Rust" is a fairly popular recent one:

The one I did a while ago (in Russian) is here:


Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Can I make derivations of this presentation? Of course while giving proper attribution?

Yes for mine, cc @jonhoo for considering Rust :slight_smile:

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"Considering Rust" is an excellent rust-intro.

A bit old now but also worth a look is "Stanford Seminar - The Rust Programming Language" :

Absolutely! I'm just happy if the stuff I put out there can be put to further use :smiley:

Also very exciting that people seem to think Considering Rust worked well as a "Rust intro talk" :tada:


Awesome! Thank you!

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