Is there, as of November 2023, a way to get threads on `wasm32-unknown-unknown` (or another browser target)

Entire question fits in the title, but a bit of extra info:
I have a software modular synth, which uses egui, cpal and midir, all of which seemingly support WASM. However, the centrepiece of my application is having three separate threads for midi, ui and actual synthesis. Which would be quite a bit of pain to adapt to whatever sort of callback hell wasm-bindgen seems to get up to.

There is the wasm32-wasi-preview1-threads target, but I don't know much about it (or if it requires nightly). I recommend researching that or possibly see what emscripten can offer.

P.S. you can see builtin targets with rustc --print target-list. :slight_smile:

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