Is there are any analogue to Scala's Worksheets or REPL for RUST?

Hi, I'm trying to find any similar to Scala's WorkSheets or REPL for RUST but can't find. Any help, please?

I don't know the products you are asking for in scala but there is a rust Repl called evcxr

It works ok, but the experience is not great.

Thank you SebastianJL. :+1:

I can't imagine how a REPL for Rust would be useful. What's the attraction?

Hi ZiCog, just trying to learn RUST after Scala. But I think that an analog to Scala's WorkSheets in IntelliJ Idea would be better.

I don't know if you have already seen it, but apparently evcxr also supplies a jupyter kernel, so you can run it with jupyter notebook. I guess that is similar to Scala Worksheets.

Thank you SebastianJL

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