Is there anything like Oban for Rust?

Hi all,

Oban (and Oban Pro) is a platform for handling job processing. It handles scheduling, dependent jobs and a whole lot else. A key feature is its resilience - it allows it to retry failed jobs or carry on exactly where it left off after a complete restart. Its site gives a lot more info:

I've not found anything similar in concept in the Rust ecosystem. It's possible I'm just searching for the wrong thing though. As powerful as Oban is, I actually only need the basics (scheduling tasks mostly).

Does anyone happen to have any suggestions on any crates that I should be checking out? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

For a similar concept at a lower level, I'm working on a framework (named Peace), which is designed to have task dependency and resilient retries (among other things) built in to it.

It doesn't have scheduling, since it's meant to be for "single run" commands, but you can build scheduling around it.

The API design is solid for resilience, but it's still early days, so:

  • the user friendly output is still a work in progress
  • the API is still evolving -- it hasn't yet got something for library consumers to feed arbitrary messages back to users
  • download example is very basic

Thanks, both these suggestions are super helpful! :slight_smile:

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