Is there any way/roadmap to run rust on firefox os or build browser extension

Can I build firefox os app or firefox extension using rust-lang?
If I can't, is there any plan to implement it?

There are no plans to allow creating Firefox OS apps using non-web technologies, since that goes against the nature of the operating system (the web is everything! everything is the web!) You could write a binary Firefox extension component, just as you can do that with C++ today, and interface with it using jsctypes.

Firefox OS apps are in HTML and can't call lower level binaries.

However, you can compile Rust programs to work on Gonk (the lower layer of Firefox OS). We do that with Servo (; using --target=arm-linux-androideabi works.

In Servo's specific case we need a build of B2G along with it (instructions, beware of crazy link hacks), but I believe that's only because we need graphics libraries and call into the hardware.

Can I build a dll or so and call it from firefox plugin?
And so, what does rust stands for?

Is rust not suitable for client-side apps?

Thanks. It seems easier than I thought..