Is there any news about the variadic generic feature in future rust

I'm hoping that rust can support the variadic generic feature as soon as possible. I haven't heard any further progress on this feature in this aspect. Is any RFC proposal that would be basically adopted?

I strongly doubt that we will get variadic generics any time soon.

How long time is it possible? :smiley: Could we enjoy it in the 2023 edition? I hope that rust would have the equivalent ability of code expression as c++ has(especially in generic aspects). Variadic generic is a significant step.

Optimistically, for a language-level feature you can expect a couple of years between an accepted RFC and the final stabilization. That is, if everything goes well and people put in enough work. Pessimistically, a feature can languish in nightly for years, and even be removed (c.f. type asciption, which was drafted pre-1.0, but languished in obscurity, and is now on the cutting table).

Since variadic generics don't even have an accepted RFC, and they are quite different from any other feature on the roadmap, I wouldn't expect them in the foreseeable future (I would be surprised if anything like that would be stabilized in the next 5 years).


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