Is there any major functionality/architectural/structural changes between Rust 1.71.1 vs 1.77.2 , can someone please let me know?

Looking for any links/site that specifies the different features/functionalities or what changes happens between old (1.77.1) and new Rust 1.77.2 version releases.

Is there any major functionality/architectural/structural changes between Rust 1.71.1 and 1.77.2?


You can check the announcement for the aforementioned versions as well as their changelogs: Announcing Rust 1.77.2 | Rust Blog.

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I quite like the website for looking up what changed in a release. For example, looking at 1.77.2, it lists only a single thing as having changed:

CVE-2024-24576: fix escaping of Windows batch file arguments in std::process::Command

Generally, when the last number is incremented, this means that the release is fixing a security vulnerability and nothing else.


Or a severe non-security related bug like crashing or failing to compile a popular crate. Or something like in 1.77.1 fixing backtraces for windows in release mode.


Or sit back and relax and watch Nathan Stocks on YouTube presenting all the changes in leases going back a long time:

Hi All,

Its difference between 1.71.x and 1.77.x


Ah, it looks like your original post contained a typo that led people to believe you meant 1.77.1, not 1.71.1.

Nonetheless, the same general sources already listed in previous answers are still relevant, such as the rust blog which usually does a good job of highlighting and explaining the most important changes in the release announcement posts, or the full changelog (more complete, less explanations) accessible particularly easily on but also on the official release notes page here, all those are the main options where you find all the differences listed.

You'll have to look through all the releases of 1.72, 1.73, 1.74, 1.75, 1.76 and 1.77 to get a complete picture. For an overview, the blog posts of all the non-point-releases probably give the best overview in just the most relevant stuff.


No its not a typo, I mean 1.71.1 only (the difference between 1.71 vs 1.77 ) and not 1.77.1 vs 1.77.2 (I know in this there wont be major changes).

I think most have read it incorrectly!


The typo I was referring to is this one where you probably meant to type "1.71.1" not "1.77.1":


I have of course now understood that 1.71.1 is indeed what you meant, but some previous answers probably thought that "1.77.1" was meant to be right, and the "1.71.1" a typo. In any case, it also didn't help that "1" and "7" look visually quite similar :sweat_smile: