Is there any GUI library out there using the native OS-Elements?

I'm about to rewrite some of my Java-Code in Rust, but I didn't find a way to platform independently use the OSs native GUI elements (like SWT does).

There are quite some libraries providing bindings for some specific Platforms and others claiming "native look". But "native look" just isn't enough: I don't believe they cover global design changes at run-time, screen readers, DPI-awareness, less known key-combinations, etc.

Unless I want to create some specialized full-screen application, I fear that my Rust applications will "feel" like foreign matter to the user rather than integrating nicely - just like those old java-applications using awt or swing.

As a bonus: I'd like to integrate OpenGL-widgets/canvas within the GUI.


I have been searching myself, I have not found anything yet. If you happen upon something please share it.

The only one I know of is GTK and I think there has been some effort of getting Qt working but dunno about status on that.

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I don't know whether to blame Gimp or GTK+, but at least using Gimp on Windows is quite a pain when you prefer keyboard over mouse:

  • Several dialogs cannot be confirmed using the Enter-key, or the default action doesn't match the usual one
  • Yes/No-Dialogs cannot be answered by shortcuts without pressing "Alt"
  • Z-ordering of windows is a total mess

Not to be misunderstood: Gimp is a great piece of software! - But you still feel it's been developed for a different platform.

Nevertheless, GTK+ still seems to be an acceptable interim solution. But doesn't it have to be installed separately on Windows Systems?