Is there any basic gramer summaries?

I'm really a wholy new programmer language learner, so if there is basic gramer summaries here?thx

You could read the Rust book to get started. It doesn't have a grammar summary and for good reasons (the grammar looks familiar enough to any C++ programmer, but if you approach Rust the same way you''d approach C++, you'd be in trouble soon). That said, the Rust book is a very good gentle introduction for Rust. When I began learning Rust, that's where I learnt it from.


The Rust Reference has chapters for each language construct, and most of those show you the forman syntax.

For example, this is the syntax for expressions.

Expression :
| ExpressionWithBlock

ExpressionWithoutBlock :
OuterAttribute *
| PathExpression
| OperatorExpression
| GroupedExpression
| ArrayExpression
| AwaitExpression
| IndexExpression
| TupleExpression
| TupleIndexingExpression
| StructExpression
| CallExpression
| MethodCallExpression
| FieldExpression
| ClosureExpression
| ContinueExpression
| BreakExpression
| RangeExpression
| ReturnExpression
| MacroInvocation

ExpressionWithBlock :
OuterAttribute *
| AsyncBlockExpression
| UnsafeBlockExpression
| LoopExpression
| IfExpression
| IfLetExpression
| MatchExpression

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