Is there an implementation for greedy best-first search in Rust?


I am working on a project and I think that a greedy best-first search (a greedy a*) fits the best for my scenario (I have a big search tree and I need fast approximations, no cost involved only heuristics).

Is there a crate that implements this algorithm?

I know about the pathfinding crate but it does not contain a greedy algorithm. There is also the ai_kit crate, but it doesn't seem to implement search algorithms. I also found about the avarice crate which has a greedy algorithm, but this crate seems to be specifically made for the set maximisation problem and the algorithm does not seem to be very well suited for a search on graph or a tree.

I know that a greedy best-first search is not that hard to implement and there are a lot of resources on how to do it properly, but I do not consider myself to be the best in algorithms and it is always good to look for optimized implementations done by better programmers.

If there is no implementation in Rust, could you recommend some resources for good practice in implementing the algorithm?

Thank you