Is there an ideal test harness for std functionality?

So after a lot of trial and error, I’ve ported rust to a new target.

Without too much descriptions, this target is fairly posix-compliant, with some features not supported (ie process functionality). As such, the port is primarily hacking together wasm and linux system bindings. It also happens to not have native compiling (as far as I’m aware). As such, all things rust I am cross-compiling from linux with the help of Xargo.

So far, basic functionality has worked (ie the std macros), but when it comes to testing full functionality, I’m a bit lost on what to use.

The first thread I came across was this one , which pointed me to this, which looks like it just runs all of the tests in a crate, but unfortunately, it seems like the std tests aren’t comprehensive, but I might be a bit wrong about this.

It also lead me this but it just seems to be support for the unit-testing framework.

I’m pretty tired as I’m writing this so I might be wrong, but I can’t find a good set of unit tests for std while writing this - I apologize if I’m missing anything obvious, but is there a proper test suite to build to test functionality?

There are unit tests and doc examples in the source files themself.
Not something I have knowledge of but at a guess you go into the source libstd. Then run;
cargo test --no-run --target TARGET
Copy over and run the files in target directory.

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