Is there an easier terminal gui crate out there?

I want to create GUI interactive terminal-based application(s) and to make stuff like this:


As suggested in my previous post out, I was suggested the tui crate tui - Rust and to be honest it kinda looks complicated (in my opinion), especially with this particular example (unless if I am mistaken with something?).

I wanted something more basic and easy to use like the processing language. If I want to create a square, all I have to type is rect(10,20, 50, 50) I want something more basic like this.

I suppose I could use curses #curses // But I hoenstly want something simple and basic. What would be a good option over here?

You might be interested in the fairly new Wrecked library, which has a API mostly based on nested rectangles, where you can set each rect's size and position within its parent.


Thanks for suggesting this library :slight_smile: I have a question about this though. Since it is under GPLv2 license, does this mean that any applications that I make with this crate, do I have to legally disclose my source code?

If you distribute your program to anyone, then you would need to make the whole program’s source code to available to the recipient under the terms of the GPL, yes.

Is there another program that you know that is not under the GPL license but MIT or something similar so I can disclose it closed source if I wanted to?

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