Is there an adapter from x11 to windows?

Context: I'm trying to complete all achievements for all mainline zachtronics games and I'm having trouble with hack_match, the only minigame that's played in real time.
I've browsed github and I've found a few bots people have programmed to counter the game's very challenging speed, but I've encountered a problem.
I have a decently sized windows pc and a small thinkpad with Linux, but the only bot for windows is too unoptimized to complete the achievement, and the Linux bots require at least a 1600x900 screen size.

I wanted to port this one for windows, and I wanted to ask you if there's an easy way to adapt applications that use x11rb to window's window rendering system, which would simplify the porting a great deal.

I've tried looking online, but "x11" and "windows" are treated by google as interchangeable, so I just get x11 tutorials for rust.

Thanks for the attention

EDIT: I haven't found an adapter or an equivalent method for porting, but I have obtained the achievement by using cheatengine to edit the score above 100k

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