Is there a way to make rebuild the package docs after a failure?

Docs for my package failed to build on because of a dependency failing to build in the environment. The dependency is now fixed.

Is there a way to trigger a rebuild of the dependent package without publishing a new version?

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@iamroman if it works without any changes to your package, one of the team can queue a rebuild for you (hello!). However if you depend on 0.x and it was fixed in 0.(x+1) then there is no way to fix it other than publishing a new version.

What crate did you publish and which dependency failed to build?


Unfortunately, it's the 0.x dependency case :slight_smile:

Thank you for the explanation! Looks like I'll have to bump the version number.

However, could you please elaborate on the 0.x exception? I wonder why a rebuild cannot be requested in this case.

It's because if you depend on 0.4.0, then the version 0.5.0 is considered incompatible with 0.4.0, so Rust will continue to use 0.4.0 even if you rebuild it after publishing 0.5.0.


Makes sense. Thanks!

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