Is there a way to call imported Rust functions separately?

Currently I'm using the following method:

import init, { add } from './pkg/without_a_bundler.js';

      async function run() {
        // First up we need to actually load the wasm file, so we use the
        // default export to inform it where the wasm file is located on the
        // server, and then we wait on the returned promise to wait for the
        // wasm to be loaded.
        // It may look like this: `await init('./pkg/without_a_bundler_bg.wasm');`,
        // but there is also a handy default inside `init` function, which uses
        // `import.meta` to locate the wasm file relatively to js file.
        // Note that instead of a string you can also pass in any of the
        // following things:
        // * `WebAssembly.Module`
        // * `ArrayBuffer`
        // * `Response`
        // * `Promise` which returns any of the above, e.g. `fetch("./path/to/wasm")`
        // This gives you complete control over how the module is loaded
        // and compiled.
        // Also note that the promise, when resolved, yields the wasm module's
        // exports which is the same as importing the `*_bg` module in other
        // modes
        await init();

        // And afterwards we can use all the functionality defined in wasm.
        const result = add(1, 2);
        console.log(`1 + 2 = ${result}`);
        if (result !== 3)
          throw new Error("wasm addition doesn't work!");


The problem for me is: I cannot call add() outside of run(). Is there a way to achieve this? I don't want to make another function which takes add() as an argument to call it later.

So, I want to just call add() for the first time in some other function. But it needs the wasm variable which it cannot acces.

// I'm using wasm-pack build --target web. So either way it'll compile this way I'm afraid.

Without a bundler

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