Is there a user group list for the new website? is great - I could direct someone to their local user group to meet fellow rustaciens.

But it's on the 'prev' website and I couldn't find a link to something similar on the community tab of the new website.

Is this intentional? Even if it was just a git repo which was open to pull requests I think this kind of info is important to people and should be easy to find. Even if it is there I couldn't find it on the new site :frowning:

It's in so far intentional as that the previous page was large unmaintained and contained lots and lots of outdated groups and didn't include newer ones.
Maintaining such a list is a huge effort unfortunately (especially in the current times where even fewer groups are actually active).

We do try to keep the community calendar organized though and events are posted in This Week in Rust

maybe a github PR approach might be more managable then? and that way people can keep it uptodate without as much envolvement. Being able to talk to people who are keen on rust in your fellow country and talk your language is probably a big plus. Even knowing there are other rustaciens in your country is a positive - it gives people a place to start self organising. I would love to see thousands of local user groups but I accept that one long list is probably not the best way to organise that.

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