Is there a Rust Group in Québec City?


I'm looking for people in Québec City that are learning, using or exploring, Rust. Does anyone know about any user group here? Anyone interested in one? I searched around and haven't found anything, can someone point me to one?

Thank you!

Montreal here, not too far, trying to start something too... From within the company, and then grow or connect to something biggger, maybe. Keep hope, Salut!

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Here too, trying get something rolling up inside company.. got one presentation done, some utility code running but things slowed down. Now trying to find a good problem to fit a new presentation kind of hans-on rust tutorial of about 45mins. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, would be nice to connect with people doing projects or start something here... but let's see what happens, as I'm not really well versed and communicative to head something like this.

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