Is there a Rust ERP?

Is it possible to build a rust erp that can communicate with physical machines and pull data through meta etc. I would like to start building a framework that competes with oracle and odoo and has all modules that all industries need from all marketing, web development, operations, shipping, IOT, etc. literally all modules any business needs to build compile and scale.

For other readers: as far as I can tell (by searching for it), ERP should be referring to “enterprise resource planning”.

Well, Rust is a Turing-complete language, which means you can implement anything with it. That said, it doesn't mean you should.
For example, Rust is relatively lacking when it comes to frontend development - by lacking I don't mean libraries aren't available, but I mean the bulk of Rust programs tend to be backend focused.
Building the backend of your ERP service in Rust is definitely viable, and in my opinion, more maintainable than many other choices. The frontend - it depends. If you want to build a desktop GUI, there are fairly good libraries for it. If you want to go WASM, then it is also well supported (although WASM is itself a platform in its early days).
Of course, you can build your frontend using JS and HTML (and CSS) and make api calls to the backend. This is a very viable option. Alternatively, you can go monolithic as well - less ergonomic in my opinion but still fairly well supported.
Ultimately, it depends on the sort of developers you have at hand, your budget and time limits.

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It's possible to build one, sure. The original SAP ERP, back in the 70s, was written in assembler, for the IBM System/360 platform and for DOS, so it's clear that language is not really the barrier here.

I'm not aware of any ongoing projects to build an ERP in Rust, and it's not clear that Rust offers any particular advantages (or disadvantages) to doing so. It's also not clear why it would be valuable to start over and build a brand-new ERP, in a vacuum, though I'm sure there's still competitive advantage to be gained somewhere in that market.

Generally, the interesting constraints on an ERP system are about integration and business process, not about the implementation technology as such - the thing they're doing is replacing armies of clerks, not solving any particularly complicated programming puzzles.

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So my biggest thing is incorporating meta and robotics into the erp such as augment reality and vending machine systems like gas stations etc where people are going fully automated.