Is there a Rust demo app

I'm looking for a demo app in rust, similar to the Spring PetStore app or the NodeJS emoji chooser.

UI need not be Rust, one or two services and persistence.

Does anyone know if there is a 'canonical' Rust demo app?

I don't think there is such a demo app in Rust. AFAICT, there isn't one in Java either. Comparing a framework like Spring with a language like Rust, which has a far wider application range, is difficult. You can't build the same tutorial apps for learning Rust on embedded devices and Rust for web development, for example.

So you are looking to build some sort of desktop application? I'd suggest looking at for this (or find another Rust framework or libraries that suit your needs and look at examples build with these technologies).

Thanks, what I'm looking for is a very basic server-side app which could do nothing more than a basic TODO list etc. I need to showcase how we would incorporate Rust into a CI/CD workflow. Early stage adoption of tooling and don't want at this stage to invest in building the app.

Oh, there is a ton of tutorial projects you can follow! The most famous would probably be the multithreaded webserver from the book: Final Project: Building a Multithreaded Web Server - The Rust Programming Language. There is also the mini-redis from tokio: Setup | Tokio - An asynchronous Rust runtime (more complex example of IO in Rust, so probably too much for your showcase). For persistence maybe have a look at the file section from rust-by-exampe: File I/O - Rust By Example?

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