Is there a light GUI project that I can study?

I want to make a GUI library use pure Rust without third part code.
But I am new about GUI.
Is there a tutorial(video or article) or some light GUI project that I can learn from?

That's not possible. Even if you manage to make the entire stack in Rust, you'd still need to talk with OS level graphics libraries, such as X.


If you want to learn about how to use a GUI library, know that there are two styles of GUI: immediate mode, and component based. EGUI is immediate mode. With immediate mode you can draw right away. Yew is component based. With component based GUI you are defining attributes of components and how they fit together in an application.

Technically that's not true. On Windows and Mac you may need to use libraries, but X has a well documented protocol that you could implement directly. Not an approach I'd recommend, for for very similar things quite doable.

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