Is there a library similar to the uwsgi architecture in rust?


Excuse me, python has uwsgi, does rust have a similar library? I use Iron to set up the server on the local side. I want to find a lib like uwsgi to help improve my server. I don’t know if a similar library can be used or referenced. Or iron actually has it! ?



actix-web is the closest thing I know of in Rust to what uWSGI provides. There isn’t a whole lot of parity between the two outside of the web server aspect, though. E.g. uWSGI has support for graceful reload, a concept of emperors (multiple apps in a single server), and even its own protocol and internal routing logic.

So unless you have some very niche requirement for a specific piece of uWSGI functionality, actix-web might be what you are looking for.



Let me put it this way, I have a case, build a web server via iron, and the user can enter the url to search the database (use Cassandra).

For example, if the url entered by the user is: ‘ip address/*/table_name/primary_key/epoch/’, the result of this query will display on the web page.

So in order for the iron to continue to run and mount to the server, the idea of ​​uwsgi lib will appear.

Can iron work with actix-web?



Requests are handled by iron, there is no need for uwsgi for that. Define your route and handle it, why do you think uwsgi is required?