Is there a good project recommendation or tool recommendation

I am a novice. I have read the authoritative guide of rust, and I can write some business logic code myself, but I still don't know much about smart pointers and macros

I'd like to take a look at the rust code specification. Would anyone like to share it, anything

What "authoritative guide" are you referring to? As for the "rust code specification", there is not a formal specification for the language like there is for C.

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《rust authoritative guide》

Do you have a link? There's nothing that exists with that name to my knowledge.


The closest your going to get to a standard is the
"This is not a standard" standard.

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If you need some project recommendations I can highly recommend Martyr"s Mega Project Ideas List.
Its a list of many begginer-to-intermediate projects for when you don't know what to work on.

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I've finished reading this book. Thanks


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