Is the "Rust Unsafe Programming Survey" an offical one?

Here is the link to the survey: Rust Unsafe Programming Survey-Form-Goldendata

I came across this survey in early July, and it took me nearly 40 minutes to complete. It is stated at the bottom of the link that validly filled survey will be paid $30. I contacted the contact person through the mailbox in the survey, and learned that it needs to be distributed in September, and it is through a point-to-point method. So how to know the transparency and effectiveness of the whole process.

Is the “Rust Unsafe Programming Survey” an offical one?

No, it's a research survey from Fudan University.

So how to know the transparency and effectiveness of the whole process.

I don't know how transparent or effective it will be, but according to its description

  • each questionnaire will be verified to ensure its validity
  • the result will be public and beneficial to the community

so I think if you don't receive the payment in Sep, you can send another email to ask why.

crosspost the survey infomation (in Chinese and slightly more detailed than the webpage)

主题:邀请您参加有偿的Unsafe Rust调研


我们目前正在对Unsafe Rust编程安全性进行实证研究,希望得到您的宝贵意见。

问卷填写者需承诺至少具备1年Rust开发经验、撰写过5000行Rust代码及1000行以上Unsafe Rust代码。

作为一名经验丰富的Rust开发人员,您的宝贵意见对于了解与Unsafe Rust的当前实践和挑战非常重要。您的专业知识将有助于提高Unsafe Rust的安全性和可靠性。

为了帮助这项研究,我们准备了一份简短的调查,重点关注Unsafe Rust API使用模式和安全性重点,更具体地说——跨越不安全边界的安全属性(要求)。本份问卷大约需要45分钟才能完成。


在此处访问调查:Rust Unsafe Programming Survey-Form-Goldendata ,请在2023/7/27 23:59 GMT+8之前完成。我们强烈建议您在PC上打开此链接。




Moran Tsui

Fudan University

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