Is Rust the City?

Did you know ?
I was searching a code example for current time..
I was a long time sitting and looking trying to understand what is it? a tutorial? is it a site written in Rust? where is getting started?

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It looks like a city in Austria.


Thanks for finding it. I’ll leave the Wikipedia page here, so others don’t have to search for it.

Now when trying to search for it on Google Maps, I found a second Rust, this one in Germany and larger in population.

Obviously, this link says “Current Time in Rust, Burgenland, Austria” at the top, so it’s the former.

Edit: For no particular reason, I’ve now collected the relevant town signs (from the Austrian one) from Street View

…click to expand the remaining 4

Reminds me of the austrian village "fucking", where those sign were stolen on a regular basis... they changed their name to "fugging" in 2021.

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