Is rust MSI supports IUL ( inline upgrade logic) when upgrading rust version

I have installed rust 1.46.0 on my windows server offline using msi file x86_64-pc-windows-msvc

Now, i want to upgrade rust to 1.48.0 offline using msi. could you please confirm if inline upgrade logic in place for this MSI?

What do you mean by "inline upgrade logic"? I've never heard that before, and a search leads me nowhere.

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Me neither. What is IUL?

When I want to upgrade Rust I use rustup.

I mean, i am not using rustup as there is firewall restriction. so i am using x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.msi to install standalone rust on my windows machine.

  1. previously installed rust version 1.48.0
  2. Now, i want to upgrade rust version to 1.49.0 .
  3. i have downloaded 1.49.0 x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.msi installer and when i run this msi installer, it is not upgrading existing version..
    i want to know if the installer has inline upgrade logic available so that can upgrade existing version of rust or we need to remove old version and install new version as separate process

Once again we ask, what is inline upgrade logic? Your question can't be answered if no one knows what you are talking about.

I think the question is simply: How can I use a new MSI to upgrade from a previous MSI installation?

It sounds like you tried installing the new MSI while the previous version was still installed, and it didn't work. Have you tried uninstalling the old version before installing the new one?

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If I understand correctly, the question is simply - "have I to do this, or can Rust installer detect the previous version and overwrite it?"

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@mbrubeck @Cerberuser Yes, my question is - can Rust installer detect the previous version and overwrite it?"

If it didn't automatically upgrade in place when you ran the new installer, doesn't that answer your question?

Here's part of the script they use to define the MSI installers:

It looks like Rust does have upgrade logic, but only for patch releases, and not for minor releases.


Yes, understood. Thanks