Is Rust compile time really that slow?

I'm not permitted to touch the heavenly nectar that is mold. I'm a dirty, filthy, sinful Windows developer. Taunt me not with dreams of tooling, I beg of you!

IIRC, I switched to lld, but it didn't yield any particularly significant speedup over MSVC's LINK. No, I can't use mold inside of WSL just for development, because every time I try to install WSL it bricks VirtualBox until I do a system restore. Yes, I know it's "fixed"; it's been "fixed" at least twice now without actually being fixed. I'm not playing that game any more. Yes, I could just install Linux, but the last time I tried that, the installer choked on my drive and refused to actually install. And the time before that, I couldn't get the display to work. And the time before that, it bricked itself when I tried to enable dual monitors. And the time before that, I couldn't get sound to work. Admittedly, that was on a cover CD version of Red Hat in the late 90's... sorry, what were we talking about? Oh man, it's nearly 2am... I need to sleep...

(Sincerely: thank you for the suggestion, irrespective. :slight_smile: )