Is merging a &str slice and a String slice the idiomatic way to create a text?

Suppose I have a text:

Hey <username>,

Could you confirm your profile for us?
username: <username>
address: <address>
phone: <phone_number>

Thank you!

Is the idiomatic way to create such a text, using a slice of constant &str's
and a slice of Strings and then merging them together?
And if so, how does one go about it?

const ping_slice_one = &["ping"; 5];

pub struct App {
    pong_one: String,
    pong_two: String,
    pong_three: String,
    pong_four: String,

impl App {
    pub fn new() -> App {
        App {
            pong_one: String::from("pong"),
            pong_two: String::from("pong"), 
            pong_three: String::from("pong"), 
            pong_four: String::from("pong"),
    pub fn pong_slice_one() -> &[String] {
        &[pong_one, pong_two, pong_three, pong_four];
    pub fn merge_into_text(str_slice: &[&str] ,string_slice: &[String]) -> &str {
        // merging goes here
        "" // stub

fn main() {
    let mut app = App::new();
    assert_eq!(app.merge_into_text(ping_slice, app.pong_slice_one()), 
    "ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ping");


for very simple use cases, you can use slice::join() or maybe slice::concat(), but in general I suggest use format!() (also, returning a &str slice for runtime computed string values doesn't really make sense, just return an owned String).

for even more complex situations, you can use a templating engine library.


Somewhere in between those options, define a struct that holds the data and implement fmt::Display.


A good idea, but there's more than one form I want to print out.
Suppose that text is part of a ConfirmationForm struct,
I would need to add an extra struct, RegistrationForm
that would need to copy the data from one form to the other,

It's true that you can only have one fmt::Display implementation per struct, so if you have multiple forms based on one central data-storing type, you'll need an additional type per form with this approach.

They can borrow the data instead of copying the data, though.


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