Is it time to start using async/await? And where to start?

Hello everyone, I have some side projects that would need to perform network operations. However, the tokio/futures stack was always painful to me, and the API is really verbose (I mean, look at this).

I haven't been following the Rust developments for awhile, would you recommend using async/await in Rust right now? And how is it in comparison to Javascript async/await?

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I just dabbled with it for the first time yesterday and had a similar question

Anecdotally - I'd imagine wasm is, if anything, a bit further behind the curve due to the extra memory constraints - so it seems async/await is good to go... take that with a grain of salt though, I'm sure others here know better.

Reason I'm chiming in is I have a followup question too about using the ? operator... wondering if that's currently available too..

? works just like normal from within an async fn. (Try is also implemented on Poll<Result<..>> for ease of use when implementing your own fallible Futures).

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