Is it possible to run CGI scripts on an Iron webserver?


Hi all! This is my first post on the forums, and I’m hoping to become very active.

I currently run a web server ( completely built on the Iron framework, minus a nginx reverse proxy to allow for https. I’m having no luck in being able run a perl script on my website. I have mostly been trying to utilise a fastcgi wrapper for nginx, which is tedious (and apparently ineffective) as all the browser ever returns is the source code for the script. Is there any possible way to enable Iron to run perl scripts, or does anyone have suggestions that might help me?


Iron is an application server, not a web server. It’s for running Rust programs, not for running Perl scripts.

You’d be running the Perl stuff under nginx itself, not really under Iron.


Yeah, I figured. Alright, thanks, back to the drawing board.