Is it possible to register multiple sources with a single MIO Poll?

use mio::{Events, Poll, Interest, Token};
use mio::net::TcpStream;
use std::net::SocketAddr;
use std::time::{Duration, Instant};

let mut poll = Poll::new()?;

let address: SocketAddr = "".parse()?;
let listener = net::TcpListener::bind(address)?;
let mut socket = TcpStream::connect(listener.local_addr()?)?;

let address2: SocketAddr = "".parse()?;
let listener2 = net::TcpListener::bind(address2)?;
let mut socket2 = TcpStream::connect(listener2.local_addr()?)?;

// Register the first socket with `poll`
    &mut socket,
    Token(0), // zeroth socket
    Interest::READABLE | Interest::WRITABLE)?;

// Register the second socket with `poll`
    &mut socket2,
    Token(1), // first socket
    Interest::READABLE | Interest::WRITABLE)?;

let mut events = Events::with_capacity(1024);
let start = Instant::now();
let timeout = Duration::from_millis(500);

loop {
    let elapsed = start.elapsed();

    if elapsed >= timeout {
        // Connection timed out
        return Ok(());

    let remaining = timeout - elapsed;
    poll.poll(&mut events, Some(remaining))?;

    for event in &events {
        if event.token() == Token(0) {
            // Event received on socket 0
        } else if event.token() == Token(1) {
            // Event received on socket 1

I want to establish an event loop that polls multiple sockets. I need to know if this is possible using MIO. Ideally, MIO would poll the Poll, and thereafter, return events from each.

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