Is it possible to realize a Parallel implementation of IWT (Integer Wavelet Transformation) with rust?


I have a project of steganography with Singular Value Decomposition and
Integer Wavelet Transform(DWT implemented using lifting scheme), i want
to implement that with parallelism using rust language, is this easily
possible? I want you to suggest me a few crates or tutorilas to do this!
best regards!


Hi @wada3n,

I’ve done the mandelbrot set calculation in Rust using several parallelisation crates and comparing them. I hope the code is understandable, if you have specific questions, just post them here.

I can recommend Rayon, since it supports divide-and-conquer algorithms and parallel for-loop iteration. And it uses work stealing for optimal performance.

This paper for example describes a divide-and-conquer algorithm for Singular Value Decomposition.

Hope this helps!