Is it possible to generate text file from source code during compilation?

The file content is based on Rust source code. is not helpful since it runs before compiling Rust source code.

I imagine a developer experience like:

// Rust source code
struct A;

Then run cargo build as usual, I can get a text file (perhaps in $OUT_DIR):

// The generated text fle
You defined a struct A.

Is it possible to have such macros?

What do you want to do with this text file?

One technique I've used quite often is to create a test which will make sure a generated file, in this case auto-generated types for an AST, is always up to date:

It's a trick I borrowed from how rust-analyzer handles its AST and various other auto-generated file, which in turn uses matklad's self-modifying code trick.

The above example is for generating Rust code, but I've also used it to make sure a schema.grapql file stays in sync with the upstream GraphQL API.

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