Is it possible to create css using SWC in Next js?

I am creating a SWC plugin for Next js. I have no problem finding the "background" attribute.
<div background="red"></div>

Using SWC, I add a unique class to this element instead of an attribute.
<div class="uniqueStyle642"></div>

I need to create css using SWC.


Any ideas how this can be done?

An empty css file may already be created and imported into the application.
I need to somehow add style.

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No idea how to do that. I can't even find documentation on how to write SWC plugins in Rust. In vanilla JS you could do something like this to create a new style and add it to your div:

// create style element
let style = document.createElement('style');
style.type = 'text/css';
style.innerHTML = '.red { background: #f00; }';

// assign it to the div with the `background="red"` attribute
let div = document.querySelector('[background="red"]');

(based on this SO answer)

But I have no idea how the SWC API works and if you can do the same. There is the web-sys crate that exposes the browser APIs to your Rust code. It contains the functions and types I used in the above JS snippet.

Then again you want to write a plugin for Next.js so you probably want to add the class during server side rendering and not on the client side. So what I just wrote is of no interest to you at all...

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