Is it possible to call a static dispatch function with a trait object?

One of the issues I'm running into is once I start using a trait object (&dyn Trait), every function below it must also use a trait object. This is leading to dynamic dispatch spreading through most of my codebase. I'm hoping to set up some boundaries where I pay the dynamic dispatch cost once and break out into static dispatch. I've figured out that I can use a method inside a trait to wrap a static dispatch function to accomplish this goal, but that is a bit verbose. Is there a more concise way I can accomplish this?

trait Animal {
    fn wrapped_static_vocalize(&self);

struct Cat;

impl Animal for Cat {
    fn wrapped_static_vocalize(&self) {

fn dynamic_vocalize(animal: &dyn Animal) {
    // How do I make the below line work?
fn static_vocalize<A: std::fmt::Debug + Animal>(animal: &A) {
    println!("static_vocalize {:?}", animal);

fn main() {
    let c = Cat;

The trick is that Rust implicitly adds + Sized to all generics, and that excludes trait objects. To fix this, remove that bound with + ?Sized.

fn static_vocalize<A: Animal + ?Sized>(animal: &A) {

Ah that did it! :man_facepalming: Such a simple solution. Thanks!

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