Is it better to use GTK with Rust or write my own GUI software by hand?

The game editor sounds like a perfect application for egui. Especially since there is integration between egui and Bevy.
For the taskbar, you will probably have to figure out the Wayland part yourself; egui will not help you there AFAIK.

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fltk-rs provides bindings to the established FLTK library, whereas egui is an original development.

In addition to other points mentioned, FLTK comes with a wider variety of pre-made widgets - for example I ended up using FLTK for a project at $WORK because it came with a pre-made password field (and I was able to cross-compile it from OSX to Windows, but IIUC, egui can do that too).


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Also, a huge benefit of FLTK - it's statically linked!

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Is Egui dynamically linked?

By default, Rust links everything statically, so any project using egui should be statically linked as well.

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In my experience, egui is really easy to use which is nice, but doesn't have the most powerful layout options. I also tried out GTK-rs which seems like they are fairly impressive bindings to GTK, but everything in GTK is event based which might not be the nicest thing to work with at all times. Still, GTK is incredibly prolific as far as what people have used it for, so it's probably going to be more solid and have more features than a lot of other Rust GUI options out there right now.

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So what is there event-base mate?


What about fltk-rs

What is your opinion in regards to this?

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Don't know anything about FLtk.

It's just that in GTK the way you handle putting data in the UI and getting data from it is all based on events, which can make the logic messy sometimes. You can't just say that this textbox should have some value and that it should automatically synchronize and update some Rust variable, for instance. ( as far as I know, I don't have a lot of experience with it at all, though )

Egui, is very simple, though, which is nice.

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Just curious in what way does egui does not have a powerful layout options?

You don't have very flexible options for how to size or position objects, compared to like in the browser where you get extremely powerful flexbox-based sizing where you can use borders and paddings in pixels and percentages, etc. It's not actually that bad, I'm just used to having more options.

If you don't need advanced layout though, or if you want to use the floating windows, then it works great.

A little background on the layout disavantage in the readme.

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