Is it better to use GTK with Rust or write my own GUI software by hand?

I am considering using the GTK bindings with Rust, but I am not too sure which one would be more appropriate in terms of performance wise, writing it with Rust with GTK bindings or all manually by hand?

Are there any downsides as to using GTK?

I think using the GTK bindings is a perfectly fine approach.

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If I build my applications with the GTK-bindings, is it pretty minimal in terms of RAM usage, like does GTK bloat my program up?

If you think that single-handedly, you will create better/more performant/less memory hungry framework, than GTK where literally hundredths of people were involved in it over the years, then... yeah, go for it.
BTW, when you finish, don't forget to share it. You'll make a fortune.

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There are lots of framworks that can be quite bloated, slow etc. So the reason why I ask is I want to know how bloated is the framwork?


And my answer to you was exactly that, if you think that single-handedly...

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Ok I want to know is it known to be bloated or very minimal?


It's probably much less bloated than whatever you'll manage to do yourself while preserving its capabilities, that's the point.


GTK is able to create things that are not excessively bloated. It's not electron.


I am no expert but I think using Gtk-rs is pretty alright for performance. I have authored a few Gtk-rs applications and I have never experienced lags, although those apps aren't non-trivial. However you are more productive using GTK.

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If you do not need a native-looking GUI, then a project like egui might suit you better. It has fewer dependencies than GTK, and if you like, you can also use your GUI in a browser later (demo).

However, if you need a native-looking GUI, then GTK is probably your best choice.



Is this good to make a taskbar?

Perhaps. Does TopPanel sound good to you?

Looks interesting but does it support me having buttons, moving the bar to the bottom and for it to be displayed in wayland?

No idea, sorry.
You might perhaps also be interested in iui for a slim GUI solution.

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Perhaps we can suggest something more adequate if we would knew what you were trying to build?

One of them is a taskbar similar to polybar.

I want to also build a game editor for the Bevy Game engine as well :slight_smile:

One question mate, how does fltk-rs differ from egui