Is documentation contribution frozen?

I am trying to figure out how to contribute to documentation project. So I am reading

I just can not understand what it is all about:
“This means we’re not able to make large changes to chapters”.

“We would love issues and pull requests to the Markdown files in the src directory, up until the chapter goes to layout with No Starch. At that point, we will likely only be accepting changes that correct factual errors or major problems and not, for example, minor wording changes.”

Does this mean that rust documentation is synchronized to the print process and no improvement can be contributed?

I’m sure that @carols10cents or @steveklabnik will be able to help you out with this :slight_smile:

This only applies to the second edition of the book. The standard library docs, the cookbook, reference, etc. are not getting a printed edition (yet), and you are very welcome to contribute there :slight_smile:

Yes, as @killercup says, this is only for the book, and only for the book second edition. You can see the various chapters’ progress here:

All other documentation is absolutely, 100% open for improvements!