Is capnproto-rust yet another dead crate?

May i safely use this crate in a real-life enterprise project or should i stick to basic REST/JSON ?

It looks well-maintained to me. Last release was in February, but I think that's more it being mature than it being dead. It supports modern futures, has an active author, and is in the official Cap'n Proto github group.

Not all crates need constant feature updates: if it's reasonably complete - and I think capnproto-rust is - then it makes sense to have infrequent bugfix releases.


If you haven't already, it can be good to open an issue on such projects to get input from the actual developer on what their perspective is on how much effort they are putting into maintenance/development. It can help eliminate some guesswork, if they respond at least. ( and if they don't that gives you a hint too ) :slight_smile:

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